Client Verification Service

Have clients around the globe? Weezzo Verification Service comes in especially handy if you need to keep your customer database in order while ensuring that all the required KYC and AML policies are met.

Leave this job to professionals!


Do you have a large flow of new customers
but find it difficult to deal with anonymous users?


  • Time shortage
  • Lack of staff
  • Verification queue


  • Headaches,

Weezzo will sort things out for you!

  • Fast and reliable
    verification system
  • Solution to your

Key Benefits

Rest assured with the thorough verification process taken care of by Weezzo.

Set up API integration and receive instant notifications on verification progress.

Verification services are provided to our partners absolutely free of charge.

Our no-spam policy ensures your privacy, and no undesired newsletters are sent!

How does it work?

Basically you forward your clients to Weezzo to complete their account verification. Our standard document requirements include providing a scanned proof of identity and address. Mobile phone verification is also necessary. In the end you get the data on the confirmed users.

How do I apply?

The service is provided to verified merchants with approved businesses at the discretion of Weezzo. In order to start using the service, you need to activate the Client Verification API.

Technical details

The process of confirming a user’s identity can be easily automated via the Weezzo API. Verification reports, current verification status, and client details are returned automatically via the instant notification service (Instant Payment Notification, IPN).