Digital Wallet for Business

Weezzo Digital Wallet
is your all-in-one
business tool
Paying with Weezzo is even easier than using a credit card. Your financial information remains private: all payments are processed using just your email and Weezzo password. The details of every transaction are saved, and you can trace your payments at any time.

Key Features

Send Money Pay suppliers, third-party service providers, affiliates, freelancers, etc. No financial details are required - all you need to know is the recipient's email address.
Receive Money Accept payments from 2836 users worldwide and offer your customers more than 6 payment options. Transactions are processed within seconds.
Request Money Request money from any user who has an email address: remind your buyer about a pending payment, ask for a donation, etc.
Manage Statistics Proper accounting is essential for any business. Create and export detailed financial statements and reports with our elaborate statistics and analytics tools.
Exchange Currencies Weezzo supports 4 major fiat currencies. You can accept payments in any of them and convert currencies instantly at a profitable rate.
Automate Payments Manage recurring payments with our customizable scheduling features and offer your clients flexible and transparent subscription plans.

Additional Features

Create multiple wallets to easily manage the cash flow from one or more businesses. One account can house an unlimited number of e-wallets.

One wallet can hold funds in multiple currencies. You can also move funds in the same currency between your different wallets for free!

Every wallet within one Weezzo account has a separate balance and its own bank details for payments and funding via wire transfers.

Top-Up / Withdrawal Options

Choose from over 6 international and local options to fund your Weezzo account or withdraw your money.

Worldwide Service

4 Major Currencies Trade and accept payments in 4 supported world currencies. Let your business grow and win over new customers all around the globe!
Multilingual Interface Your clients will feel comfortable paying for your services whatever languages they speak – our payment pages are translated into 14 languages.
Online Support in 3 Languages Whether you or your clients need help or advice, don't hesitate to contact us. We are at your service every day around the clock.

Your Financial Security Is Our Top Priority

Your private information is not revealed
Unlike bank wires and credit card payments, using Weezzo e-wallet doesn't expose any of your personal information. You don't need to enter anything other than your email address and Weezzo password when making a payment. Thus, no sensitive data is ever put at risk.

Fraud is effectively deterred
We understand the risks online businesses face and take all necessary steps to protect merchants from chargebacks. We verify the identity of Weezzo users to make sure you only work with legitimate customers.

Access to your e-wallet is 100% secure
Weezzo security features include two-factor authentication with a PIN generated on the user's mobile device or sent by SMS, security questions, and access restriction based on IP address range. You are free to choose and combine these options to protect your account as you feel appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions