Payment Solution for Online Games and Social Networks

Virtual world, real money!

Weezzo provides a payment solution for online entertainment businesses that is flexible and cost-efficient, and can be profitable for both you and your customers. Not only can you accept payments in a hassle-free manner, but your customers can use Weezzo to sell game items, buy game currency, and trade with other gamers. Weezzo can be a versatile payment option for any commercial apps or services offered by social networks, dating websites, or gaming platforms. Why complicate things when there's one provider that can handle all your financial needs?

Advantages for you

Reliable Subscription Tools

Customers can pay you regular fees or send one-off payments without even having to log in to their accounts, or you can deduct payments directly from your users' e-wallets by enabling the Pre-approved Billing feature.

Trustworthy User Community

We've been in the e-commerce business for years and are well aware of scam, fraud, and data abuse risks. We require our members to complete a sophisticated identity verification procedure to protect our partners from possible chargebacks.

Easy Generation of Activation Codes

Every time a payment is made, an IPN (Instant Payment Notification) is sent to your email. You can use our IPN feature to your advantage to create automatic scripts and send game activation codes, product keys, or coupons to your customers!

Many Payment Methods in One Solution

Weezzo brings you the ability to accept all the payment options that we support, international and local, including bank wire and cash money transfers. You don't have to take any additional integration steps or make contracts with other payment service providers!

Advantages for your customers

Instant Funding

Online games, dating, and social networks are all about excitement, fun, and interaction - not about messing with transactions. Weezzo allows customers to send payments instantly and to start enjoying your services immediately.

Convenient Subscription Features

Let users subscribe to your services. They won't have to manually enter their financial details each time a payment is due. The balance will be topped-up automatically and the service will never stop when it's least expected.

Financial Profit

Apart from paying for their orders, your customers can use Weezzo as an in-game (or in-service) currency to gear their characters up or sell and buy in-game items. The opportunity to make money playing or flirting is sure to expand your customer base and attract new users.

Plenty of Top-Up/Withdrawal Options

In the global world of social networks and online games, Weezzo is a definitive international payment solution. Users from any country can pay for their favorite service with one of the largest selections of options we provide, including popular local services.

A few more reasons to choose Weezzo

Refined Payment Tracking

The ability to check the status of your payment at any time lets you avoid disputes with clients, resolve queries in a timely manner, and keep your accounting in order. Advanced filters make it possible to find a specific transaction in a matter of seconds.

Multiple E-Wallets

You can minimize the chances of an accounting error occurring by creating several e-wallets. For example, you can have an individual e-wallet for each service that you provide. Each e-wallet can have a balance in any of the currencies supported by Weezzo, and all of your e-wallets will still be kept under one Weezzo account.

Great Affiliate Opportunities

We offer our partners customer-attracting cross-promotions and an effective advertising platform. Thousands of our clients make money on e-currency exchanges or the forex market and prefer to spend their earnings to pay for digital services instead of cashing them out. Make members of the Weezzo community your devoted customers!

Flexible, User-Friendly Interface

With smartphones and tablets taking over, we made our website, including the checkout page, fully mobile-friendly. Your customers can enjoy playing games or using social accounts from any device, and you can accept payments without being bound to your PC. Weezzo brings the ultimate level of convenience to both businesses and their clients.