Weezzo believes that studying is a continuous process that fundamentally moulds our abilities and character. We place emphasis on studying and personal development to reveal the talent and forward it to the right direction. This combination of career development and potential makes the working experience unique and distinctive.

We invest in our staff's personal and career development, thus aiming to maximize the potential of all employees.

Weezzo recognizes that effective career development benefits for both parties: the individual and the Company as a whole, ultimately contributing to the achievement of all our objectives. These benefits include:

  • Encouragement of team spirit
  • Stimulation of creativity and bright ideas
  • Higher standards of work performance
  • Increased motivation and job satisfaction
  • Sharing of ideas and maintenance of good practice
  • Effective management and implementation of change
  • A greater understanding and appreciation of factors affecting work performance

Performance Management

Managing performance is all about personal responsibility, ensuring that staff knows what is expected and directs all their effort to make their best contribution to the whole. It includes rewarding good performance and raising the performance standard to create opportunities and encourage skills progression. Our performance-management process provides a framework for execution and encourages a performance-driven culture.