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Payment Systems

Unfortunately, there are no payment methods available at the moment. We are constantly working on expanding our capabilities and improving our service. We will continue to integrate new methods to provide you with a wide variety of payment options.

Key Features

We offer an excellent payment gateway with a rich set of checkout features.

Payments Buy Now Accept payments from your customers via credit card or bank transfer as well as a variety of alternative payment methods.

Accepting Payments Integration Guide

Recurring Billing Subscribe Accept recurring payments for content site subscriptions or regular donations and also collect newsletter fees or membership dues.

Subscription Billing Integration Guide

Pre-Approvals Pay on Demand Offer your clients a pre-authorized billing option to deduct payments from your customers' accounts automatically.

Pre-approved Billing Integration Guide

Microtransactions Even if you sell small items or portions of digital content, our rates will allow you to receive micropayments and make more out of every sale.
Highly Customizable You can add your logo to the Weezzo payment pages and tailor them to fit the style of your website, thus giving your customers a seamless payment experience.
Mobile-Friendly Checkout Weezzo checkout runs perfectly in mobile browsers, with payment pages optimized to be viewed on smartphone screens.

Global Reach, Local Presence

Localized Checkout Weezzo will help maximize your conversions by offering your clients a checkout page in local currencies with familiar payment methods.
In Any Language Break into new markets, reach new customers, and increase your profits with payment pages translated into 14 languages.
Free 24/7 Online Support Do you or your clients have questions or need advice? We are always here to help you, even if it's after hours or a bank holiday.

Security You Can Trust

We have implemented a highly effective payment security technology that allows you to stay focused on your business while Weezzo handles all your customer support, including any chargeback or refund requests.

Trusted by over 1 million clients
who purchased products and services and were happy that they used Weezzo.

Fraud is effectively deterred
To ensure your safety, the Weezzo risk team works 24/7 to prevent chargebacks before they even occur.

Account access is strongly protected
We have implemented reliable two-tier account protection based on a PIN generated by a mobile app or sent by SMS.

Snap Integration

Simple Integration into Your Checkout Weezzo is already available in all major e-commerce platforms, which means setting up your new payment solution won't take much time. View shop solutions that support Weezzo
Step-By-Step Integration Guide Even if you don't use an off-the-shelf platform, Weezzo is fast and easy to integrate. Check out our detailed guide on Weezzo integration. Open Payment Integration Guide
Let us know about any problems you face! If you get stuck, we're always available to help. We'll be happy to answer all your questions and guide you through the integration process. Contact Support Team

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