International Multi-Currency Account

Our service works with more than
15000 banks in over 130 countries.
Fund your e-wallet or withdraw money
from any corner of the world.
Sending bank transfers to your Weezzo account is rather easy: simply use the banking details of your e-wallet for the selected currency and type of transfer to perform a top-up. To withdraw your funds via bank transfer, just fill out the wire withdrawal form.

Key Features

Fund Your Wallet Each e-wallet has unique banking details, thus you can top up any individual wallet according to your needs by sending money directly from your bank account.
Withdraw Money Withdrawing your balance works in a similar way: you can send funds to any bank account by simply completing the withdrawal form.
Exchange Currencies If your bank account and your Weezzo e-wallet are in different currencies, you can exchange your balance currency directly in your wallet before withdrawing funds.
Cash Cheques Funding your wallet by cashing a cheque has also been made easy. After receiving your cheque, Weezzo cashes it and credits the money to your e-wallet.


  • Most practical when funding account by bank wire

    Loading large sums of money proves especially cost-efficient. By funding your Weezzo e-wallet with a bank transfer you save more on fees than by sending money through any other payment service provider or using another funding option.
  • As secure as a bank

    Weezzo does not reinvent the wheel and uses the same mechanisms as any bank to perform a wire transfer. Your funds are just as securely protected as they are with transfers between two bank accounts. All transfers can be traced and amended if any error is made.
  • Convenient and flexible

    Choose between Express or SWIFT payment (for urgent transfers) and specify who pays the bank fees: they can be paid by you alone, shared between you and the recipient, or fully paid by the recipient (charge types OUR, SHA, and BEN, respectively).

Global Service

4 Supported Currencies Load and withdraw money in the world's major currencies and convert them within your wallet without having to pay your bank's conversion fees.
Multilingual Interface Enjoy a truly international service: its user-friendly interface is translated into 14 languages to make our clients in all parts of the world feel comfortable.
International Support Our finance specialists will provide you with fast and competent support in all kinds of difficult situations. We speak 3 languages and are there for you 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions