Payment Solution for Digital Content and Service Providers

Digital business, tangible profit

The World Wide Web gives businesses of any scale limitless possibilities to develop, win new markets, and increase sales. Whatever digital goods or services you provide, you need a payment solution that is both flexible and user-friendly as well as one that ensures secure money transfers from your clients to you. Weezzo combines these indispensable qualities to provide invaluable help in managing your finances, thus keeping your money protected and your customers happy. Focus on your business projects, and we'll take care of processing your payments.

A one-stop payment solution

One-Click Payments

Weezzo interface is absolutely user-friendly. Payments are sent in a single click at checkout and are instantly credited to your account. No delays, no pending statuses - Weezzo is the most direct and hassle-free way to get paid.

Flexible Withdrawal Options

Withdraw your earnings in as many ways as you can get paid: send money to your bank account, withdraw funds to a payment card and use it in stores and at ATMs, transfer funds to another electronic currency, etc.

Comprehensive Payment Automation

Collecting payments is made smoother with Weezzo Subscriptions, where invoices are generated automatically according to your settings. Offer your customers Pre-approved Billing to charge their e-wallets directly while giving them control over all transactions.

Minimal Chargeback Risk

Running an online business can be a minefield, with payment reversals being one of the most common issues a merchant faces. We use a special client verification procedure that ensures only trustworthy financial transactions occur in the first place.

Open-minded attitude

No Need to Create a Product Profile

Whatever legitimate business you have, you don't have to add any descriptions about the products or services you offer. Specifying your product's title and price in your payment link is enough.

Promote Your Business

We look forward to teaming up with our partners for mutually beneficial cross-promotions! Add Weezzo to your list of supported payment methods, and we'll introduce thousands of our users to your services.

Easy Generation of Activation Codes

We inform you about every transaction by IPN (Instant Payment Notification). You can use IPN yourself to create automatic scripts for sending serial numbers, access codes, or coupons to your customers.

A few more reasons to choose Weezzo

Worldwide Accessibility

Digital means no boundaries and Weezzo knows none. No matter where in the world your clients come from, we'll deliver you a seamless payment processing service with a multilingual Support Team available 24/7.


We know the e-commerce market very well and strive to keep our fees on the low side. Creating and maintaining your Weezzo account is absolutely free, as is using most of the other tools and features. We also periodically offer special rates to our partners.

Convenience and Customizability

In a time where the number of payments made with smartphones and tablets is progressively increasing, we have made sure that your checkout page looks as neat and works as well on mobile devices as it does on a large PC screen. Detailed guides on Weezzo integration are also available in the Developers section.