Business-to-Business Payment Solution

A payment solution that lives up to the needs of any serious business!

Running an online business involves constant interaction with other companies, partners, etc. Whether paying your hosting provider or goods supplier, your chosen payment solution can affect your whole project. Unlike an individual purchase from an online shop, there is considerably more at stake with B2B transactions: a failed payment can have a big impact on the functionality of your service and your reputation. Weezzo takes care of all sensible financial aspects for your business by providing a secure and reliable payment service.

Streamlined payment process

Automatic Recurring Payments

With Weezzo you can simply subscribe to a service provided by another company or use our Scheduler to create your own payment plan. Pre-approved Billing makes payments easy by allowing direct debiting, and advanced payout features are also available.

Fast Payments = Uninterrupted Service

All transactions between Weezzo members are completed instantly. This means that neither you nor your partners or service providers will experience payment delays, which is essential for building strong business relationships.

Flexible Payment Options

We understand that the ever-shifting online market requires businesses to offer multiple payment methods. Along with electronic payments, Weezzo provides the possibility to conduct bank and cash transfers and to withdraw funds to bank cards.

Different Businesses, Different Wallets

Depending on how multifaceted your business is, you may find it helpful to have several e-wallets to keep separate records of payments received or sent to certain groups of partners or contractors. Creating any number of e-wallets is absolutely free.

A perfect solution for any task

Request Payments

A very practical way of reminding your business partner that a payment is due or to ask for an advance. Specify the payer's email and the amount, and a notification will be sent immediately.

Use More Currencies

You are not limited to one basic currency. Instead, work with any of the 4 currencies supported by Weezzo. Exchange money right in your e-wallet and save on conversion costs.

Get Paid Directly

Weezzo can be seamlessly integrated into any kind of website as a payment button or a gateway. Check out the comprehensive manual or ask our support team for assistance.

A few more reasons to choose Weezzo

A Wide Range of Withdrawal Options

Exchange your e-wallet balance into other digital currencies, send funds to a bank account or a payment card, or use a cash money transfer to withdraw your earnings. Any user can find a suitable option.


Having worked in the e-commerce industry for years, we know the challenges online businesses deal with on a daily basis. We realize that keeping our service fees to a minimum delivers a big advantage for our clients. That's why we also often offer our partners special rates.

Profitable Affiliate Program

You have customers, but your partners and clients have their customers, too. Introduce them to Weezzo and get your share of our profit - a nice bonus to an effective business cooperation.