Payment Solution for Financial Services

A trustworthy partner for your business!

Now that half of the world's population has Internet access, fascinating opportunities for investing in one's future have emerged. More and more people get involved in currency, bond, and securities trading, and participate in all kinds of investment and marketing projects. Weezzo provides forex brokers and other financial institutions with a payment solution that combines fast payment processing with enhanced fraud protection and a wide array of helpful services to maximize customer satisfaction and maintain your position among the market leaders.

Advantages for you

Light-speed Payments

Don't keep your customers waiting. Payments between Weezzo users are processed instantly, which allows your payees to receive their revenue without any delay and helps to secure customer loyalty and trust.

Automatic Payouts

You can perform a mass payment to any number of recipients at once, saving your time and living up to your clients' expectations. The location of your payees doesn't matter, and they don't necessarily need to have an Weezzo account to receive payments.

Extensive List of Supported Currencies

Offer your customers a broad range of trading opportunities. Accepting funds and arranging payouts in 4 major world currencies is an indispensable option for forex brokers and financial providers of any kind.

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Along with sophisticated security options designed to protect your account from unauthorized access, Weezzo verifies a customer's personal information to make sure that you only work with trustworthy individuals.

Advantages for your clients

Instant Top-Up

On the international exchange market, trading occurs non-stop, and the situation can take a crucial turn at any moment. Instant transfers between Weezzo members allow your customers to fund their accounts in your system within seconds.

Automated Transactions

Your clients can keep their accounts topped-up by using our extensive payment automation options, leaving them able to concentrate on what brings them profit. We'll handle the payments while they monitor markets and explore new financial opportunities.

A Vast Selection of Currency Pairs

With the Internet providing global possibilities in an interconnected world, your customers can take advantage of the possibility to work with any of the 4 currencies supported by Weezzo and perform instant currency exchanges.

High Community Profile

We are proud to work with the financial industry's most recognizable companies. A streamlined payment solution and a renowned financial provider are a perfect match - we know this from years of experience. We offer services your clients can rely on.

A few more reasons to choose Weezzo

Flexible API and Seamless Integration

Account funding, payouts, and other kinds of payments can be performed right on your website without the need for any annoying additional steps from your clients. We provide competent on-the-spot support on all technical issues.

Advertising Possibilities

By integrating Weezzo as a payment method, you get the opportunity to make our users your returning customers. We regularly run successful cross-promotional events and advertising campaigns with our partners as well as offer a highly beneficial affiliate program.

Multiple Withdrawal Options

Having a wide selection of electronic payment methods, you can also follow more traditional ways of withdrawing your income by sending it to a bank account or payment card, or even using a cash transfer. Whatever your choice, secure service is guaranteed.