Payment Solution for Freelancers and Outsourcing Marketplaces

Being your own accountant has never been easier!

The Internet supplies a vast array of opportunities for anyone who wants to be independent and strives to not let his or her talent be confined by geographical boundaries. Millions of people prefer to be freelancers nowadays: designers, software developers, translators, copywriters, etc. There is only one important issue - getting paid for completed work. Weezzo provides an all-in-one payment solution for both freelancers and their clients as well as freelance marketplaces.

Your financial affairs are perfectly organized

Instant Transfers

Payment is credited to your Weezzo wallet the moment it is sent. No delays, no doubts, and no uncertainty. A deal is a deal. From the moment you receive your money, you can do whatever you want with it: withdraw it, send it to another user, pay online, etc.

Convenient Withdrawal Options

Send your income to a bank account, payment card, or another payment system or e-currency: with our wide selection of options you are sure to find the right one for your preferences. In most cases transfers are processed instantly or within one business day.

Your Money Is Safe Once Received

Customer protection is our top priority, so we work in accordance with KYC and AML policies and pay great attention to client verification. All the necessary measures are taken in order to minimize the risk of chargebacks and fraud.

Receive Payments Automatically

Offer Subscription Service to your long-term clients. They will love not having to manually send you money every time a payment is due. Another fine option is Pre-approved Billing, where clients let you deduct the necessary amount directly from their e-wallets.

A highly flexible service is guaranteed

Join with Any Business

Professionals and specialists in dozens of areas can accept payments with Weezzo for their work. If you offer legitimate services, we will be happy to see you among our partners!

Request Your Payment

Request an advance, send payment reminders, or ask clients to cover unforeseen costs. Weezzo provides all the tools you might need to manage your day-to-day financial needs.

Arrange Payouts

Whether you're a freelancer or an employer, you can save time by sending money to all your payees in one go. Use Weezzo Payouts to arrange payments to multiple users.

A few more reasons to choose Weezzo

Withdraw Your Earnings in Any Currency

Being a freelancer gives you the amazing possibility of working from any part of the world. You can exchange your earnings into 4 major currencies right in your e-wallet and withdraw them to your bank account or payment card wherever you are based.

Comfortable Online Accounting

The information about all the payments you receive is stored in your Account Overview and is available at any time for reference or export. In your Transaction History you can find any specific payment, view its details, and export operations data to your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Forget about the paperwork!

Favourable to All Parties

Weezzo is easy to use for both freelancers and their clients, not to mention the outsourcing marketplaces. All technical manuals and API guides can be found directly on our website in the Developers section.