Payment Solutions for Retail Stores and Shops

Thriving businesses and happy customers around the world!

It's no wonder that more and more retail businesses prefer to operate online: if you sell on the Internet, the whole world is your marketplace! But great opportunities bring difficult questions: How do you go about accepting payments and keeping them secure? How can you raise sales and attract new customers? Weezzo has the answer. We offer a comprehensive and flexible solution for shops of all kinds that comes with a large selection of highly effective payment methods - a real opportunity to get hundreds of thousands of new buyers.

What benefits does Weezzo bring?

Instant Payments

Once a client confirms payment, the money is transferred to your Weezzo e-wallet, and an instant notification is sent to your email as soon as the payment is credited to your account. You can use the funds the moment they are received.

Merchant Protection

We value the interests of our customers, so transaction safety is a very important issue to us. We work only with verified users and do our best to reduce the possibility of fraud and chargebacks to a minimum.

Varied Payment Automation Options

Pre-approved Billing is a helpful feature when you offer pre-orders. You retain flexibility in case unforeseen delays occur and can charge your customers only when your product is ready to be shipped. Other features include Subscriptions, Payment Scheduler, etc.

Multiple Withdrawal Methods

Your money is at your full disposal as soon as a client has completed a payment. Use it for your personal needs, or withdraw the funds to a bank account or another payment service. You can also order a payment card to cash your money out.

How does Weezzo work?

Use Your E-Wallet

Accept payments in 4 currencies, create multiple wallets for your needs, and perform currency exchanges. No financial details are revealed. It is as simple and secure as can be.


Available payment options are divided into categories on the checkout page. Activate the methods that suit your business needs best and tailor your checkout page to your audience.

Smart Integration

Weezzo is present in most e-commerce platforms, but if your shop is based on your own custom solution, you will find detailed integration manuals with code samples in the Developers section.

A few more reasons to choose Weezzo

New Partner = Thousands of New Customers

We have performed a lot of successful promotions with our partners that brought profit to both parties. In exchange for coupons, discounts, or giveaways for our clients, we offer newsletter campaigns, banner placements, and many other convenient advertising options that will get you more loyal, returning customers.

A Wide Range of Payment Methods for Your Clients

Many people still prefer to pay with a credit card, but e-commerce isn't limited to shopping on the web. Lots of users make money in forex trading, freelancing, etc. They would much rather pay for purchases from their Weezzo e-wallet than withdraw their earnings to a payment card for a fee. With Weezzo you can satisfy all your customers.

The Whole World Is Your Clientele

You can work with different currencies and offer shoppers worldwide payment methods that are popular in their regions. Our support team is ready to resolve any query you or your buyers may have. Weezzo is a payment solution that will make your customers feel at home in your online shop - like they do at the familiar store next door.