MoneyPolo VISA® Card (EUR, USD, GBP)

The MoneyPolo Card is a prepaid VISA® card and can be used in over a hundred countries – wherever you find a VISA Card Acceptance Mark.

The MoneyPolo Card is an embossed, personalized prepaid card with a chip, secured with PIN and CVV code. It can be used for cashless payments for goods and services such as ticket and hotel booking, car rental, and many more transactions as well as ATM cash withdrawals.

The VISA Brand Mark is a registered trademark of Visa Inc.

Special Features

This card requires an active MoneyPolo account and gives you the following advantages:

Complete the card application online without visiting the bank.
Request Card top-up instantly by using the Weezzo e-currency.
Receive email notifications from MoneyPolo about top-ups, spendings, etc.
Request a card statement for any period to get the details on your expenses.

Available in Multiple Currencies

The MoneyPolo Card is available in three currencies of your choice: EUR, USD, and GBP.




Order Fees
Card order €15.99 $19.99 £9.99
   — Regular post delivery within a few weeks €0 (Free) $0 (Free) £0 (Free)
Card Load *
Regular card top-up €2 $2 £2
Express card top-up €3 $3 £3
Transaction Fees
ATM international withdrawal €2.70 $3.60 £2.25
ATM domestic withdrawal (UK) €1.80 $2.40 £1.50
POS international transaction €0.54 $0.72 £0.45
POS domestic transaction (UK) €0.42 $0.56 £0.35
Exchange rate for transactions in other currencies VISA FX Cross-Currency Fee + 2.75%
Renewal €0 (Free) $0 (Free) £0 (Free)
PIN change €0 (Free) $0 (Free) £0 (Free)
Validity period 36 months 36 months 36 months

* Maximum two loads per day

Limits of MoneyPolo Card

Your MoneyPolo Card has the daily cash withdrawal and purchase limits listed to the right.

Note: Banks may impose additional withdrawal limits on their ATMs. You may, however, withdraw funds from several banks until you have reached your card limit. Fees may apply.

Operation EUR, Limit USD, Limit GBP, Limit
Daily ATM transaction 1500 (7 withdrawals/day) $2000 (7 withdrawals/day) £1000 (7 withdrawals/day)
Maximum balance 15000 $20000 £10000

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